Monday, August 1, 2016

Les Mis on Pinterest

Les Mis people put the best things on Pinterest. I went through a couple-week period wherein I could spend an hour scrolling through these pins.

Of course, unfortunately even some Les Mis fans seem incapable of refraining from language, which makes browsing Les Mis material a little less fun...

 SO, I've collaborated the best of Les Misérables on Pinterest for you:

 Some of them are humorous and poke fun at the habits of the musical-lovers:


Some use Les Mis lines to express feelings from "normal life".

Then you have the Les Mis pick-up lines. 

Seriously, if anyone ever uses one of these on me... instant marriage. ;) 

Some are really out there. 

this took me waaay to long

Some are really sad, like this "I Dreamed a Dream" parody: 


Others are plain awesome. 

And then you have the people who are serious enough to read the book, but awesome enough to appreciate how funny it can be. :) 

best chapter title ever

Is this really a shirt? 

more truth! 

What are some of your favorite Les Mis jokes? 


  1. Haha these are great! This is one of my favorite Les Mis memes:

    1. Aren't they! Oh yeah... I've seen that one before. xD


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